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 Crewing                                                                                                                          Other Services

 The procedure 

 The way how we do it

  1. We receive request for single specialist or for whole crew for particular type of vessel from Company. We highly appreciate if you provide us with following information before we start selection:
  • Type of vessel
  • Type of cargo / trading area / number of persons on Bridge for navigators
  • Type of Main Engine / aux. Engine / number of persons in Engine room for engineers
  • Nationality of crew on board to determine level of English for candidates
  • Contract duration
  • Range of salary
  • Joining prospects approximate date and port of joining
  1. We start to select candidates. We always do our best to find appropriate candidate who corresponds to all Companys requirements, such as age, experience in rank / on board of particular type of vessels / carrying specified type of cargo (as well as machinery type for engineers), having necessary set of documents, level of English, etc.
  1. When appropriate candidate is found we, in due course, check references from his previous employers to avoid or, at least, minimize risk of hiring of unqualified or unscrupulous personnel.
  1. When positive reference is obtained we fill in the CV and send it to Company for consideration. If candidature of proposed seafarer is interested to the Company, we can arrange interview either by telephone or by Skype using Video Call option.

 Also we can arrange any professional test for candidate, such as Marlins or CES by Companys request.

  1. When candidature of seafarer approved by the Company we start with pre-departure formalities:
  • Obtaining of any lacking certificates according to Companys requirements. There are several Training and Certifying Centers in Odessa where our seafarers may obtain any required certificates. Due to the fact that we have very good and long time relations with all these Centers our seafarers are allowed to obtain needful certificates in due time and even faster.
  • Check on the legitimacy of seafarers documents. Obtaining of Verification Letter. To avoid unpleasant situations connected to forged documents of some unreliable seafarers, or just to receive Verification Letter for further obtaining of Flag Endorsement we check legitimacy of seafarers Certificate of Competency and other documents through Ukrainian State Register of Seafarers Documents.
  • Flag State Documents. Preparation of full set of documents for obtaining of any Flag Endorsements, ID Books, etc.
  • Medical Examination. Every seafarer passes Medical Examination before joining the vessel in one of Marine Medical Centers duly certified and approved by Maritime Insurance Societies. There are four of such Centers approved by American and British P&I Club here in Odessa and three more situated in other regions of Ukraine. Any special or regular tests / analyses are available in these Centers, such as Drug & Alcohol Test, Stress Test, Liver Test, HIV Test, etc. These Centers have very good reputation among the Companies over the world.
  • Supplying of Working Clothes. We can provide seafarer with very good quality working clothes of any type. Price list is available upon request.
  • Visa arrangement. We can assist to obtain any visa to our seafarers, if needed.
  • Travel arrangements. Booking of any tickets (air, train, bus, ferry; international or local; business or economy) in all directions is also a part of our services. Also we can meet seafarer in airport, assist him to pass immigration formalities and accompany him to the vessel/hotel depending on situation accordingly and vice versa.
  • Preparation of full set of pre-joining and travelling documents.
  • Pre-joining briefing.

 Eventually, we wish our seafarer bon voyage and starting to wait for the next request.

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